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Strap Hinges


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Decorative strap hinges, door pulls, bolts, latches, trucks, and track hardware are available for slide, swing, and slide-fold doors weighing up to 5,000 pounds.


Traditional Steel with Black Iron
Crackled Bronze
Crackled Pewter

Hinge Strap Sizes

Lengths: 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″
Ball-bearing designs
Disc-bearing design
Capacities up to 5,000 pounds

Decorative Designs

Tulip Hinge
Lancet Hinge
Arrowhead Hinge
Decorative Non-Load Bearing Strap Hinges


Hinges and Back Plates

Hinge Style 1035

Hinge Style 1035

 Hinge Style 1036

Hinge Style 1036

Hinge Style 1035 Click links for detailed drawing

Style DB: 19″ | 24″ | 30″ | 36″

Style BB: 19″ | 24″ | 30″ | 36″

Hinge Style 1036 Click links for detailed drawing

Style DB: 18″ | 24″ | 30″ | 36″

Style BB: 18″ | 24″ | 30″ | 36″

Decorative Hinge - 18"

Decorative Hinge – 18″

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Decorative Hinge - 19"

Decorative Hinge – 19″

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Continuous Hinges

Hinges - View Catalog (PEMKO)

continuousgearedPemko Hinge products are GUARANTEED FOR THE LIFE OF THE OPENING against defects in material or workmanship.

With a continuous hinge, typical alignment problems, such as door sag and binding are eliminated. Unlike conventional hinges, the continuous hinge distributes load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame.

The gear design of the continuous hinge ensures identical operation of each leaf; therefore; very little effort is required to open heavy commercial doors

Continuous hinge attaching screws are located along the full length of the hinge, thereby preventing warping of the door along the hinge jamb.

The continuous hinge acts as reinforcement for both door and frame.

A high degree of security can be achieved for exterior openings or restricted spaces by using a continuous hinge. With the geared construction and the full length channel cap, the common gap between the door and frame is sealed, which provides security against prying.

Heavy Duty Hinges

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