Flat Track Hardware

Flat Track Barn Door HardwareCombining functionality and affordability, our standard sliding door track comes in many finishes and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Horseshoe Flat TrackWith an old world look, our horseshoe barn door hardware comes enhanced with the modern production techniques.
Axel Sliding Door HardwareMade of carbon steel to allow onsite customization, our industrial sliding barn door hardware also ships within a few days.
Hammered Flat Track HardwarePerfect for rustic applications, our hammered barn door hardware is available in four artisanal blacksmith finishes.
Loft Colors Flat Track Barn Door HardwareOur newest barn door track is powder-coated in your choice of four finishes, designed to stay bright for years to come.
T-Series Flat Track Barn Door HardwareOur most affordable sliding door hardware feature riveted bolts, sealed bearings and are made of solid steel.
Spoked Flat Track Barn Door HardwareSpoked Flat Track hardware is a reminiscent of old-world barn door hardware, this hardware will be the focal poing of your room.

Stainless Steel

Terra-E Stainless Steel Bottom Rolling HardwareWhen the weight can't be supported above the opening, Terra-E bottom rolling hardware is a perfect solution.
Spider Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwareA true representation of retro-design, the Spider hardware embodies form, function and manufacturing complexity.
Duplex-S Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwareThe Duplex-S hardware is uniquely engineered with two top wheels to distribute the load of heavy wood or metal door panels.
Protec Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwareThe Protec system entices the eye with its simple elegance and mechanical design. It allows vertical for quick and easy installation.
Terra-M Stainless Steel Bottom Rolling HardwareThe Terra-M has a unique half shell design. One side shows the roller, the other conceals it. Letting you have adjacent rooms with different looks.
Purist Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwarePurist was designed with no visible connectors, corrugations, edges or covers to give it a sleek look with clean lines.
Terra-H Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwareTerra-H is a great option when you want clean, stylish bottom rolling hardware. The roller is mortised into the door so it sits flush with the face.
Terra-M XL Stainless Steel Rolling Door HardwareThe Terra-M XL works for openings where a large sliding panel is ideal. Able to support a panel up to 880 lbs, there is not much it can't handle.

Tubular Track

Baldur Tubular Track Sliding Door HardwareFeaturing four inch diameter unsealed bearings and our patented hubless design, BALDUR puts the beauty & function of the bearing above all else.
Oden Tubular Track Sliding Door HardwareQuietly refined, ODEN's understated design looks equally at home in both modern and traditional environments.
Rob Roy Tubular Track Sliding Door HardwareHonest, simple, bold, and distinct; it's hard to know exactly how to define the industrial yet refined look of ROB ROY.
Black Stainless Steel Tubular Track HardwareOur Black Stainless finish is the real deal. It is etched into the surface of the material, allowing the underlying brushed finish to shine through.
Black Stainless Steel Tubular Track HardwareThe Oden hardware is available with color accents to give the hardware that extra appeal you're looking for.
Bamboo Tubular Track Sliding Door HardwareAll of our Tubular Track systems are available with a bamboo overlay. A beautuful look using a renewable resource.

Barn Door Hardware

Light Duty Box TrackOur Light Duty Box Track is perfect for interior openings where a sliding door is needed, but the hardware needs to be concealed behind a valance or fascia.
Medium Duty Box TrackMedium Duty Box Track is for heavier, solid doors on interior or exterior openings. This hardware will withstand the elements and continue working.
The Heavy Duty Box Track is for panels up to 5,000 lbs. For interior or exterior openings, the heaviest panels can be moved with a very light touch.
Soft Close Box TrackThe Soft Close mechanism is a wonderful option for sliding doors. You can slam the door as hard as you want and it will close it gently and firmly.
Exterior Gate and Door HardwareOur exterior gate and door hardware is made to stand up to the elements while keeping its charming antique look.
Curved and Stacked Door HardwareWe have hardware for curved or stacking applications. Whether it's one panel around a corner or several panels into a pocket, we've got you covered.
Autoslide | Automatic Sliding Door OperatorOur automated sliders will open your doors at the push of a button or the wave of a hand.
Acoustical DoorOur sound rated acoustical sliders are great for sound stages, warehouses, and anywhere you need to block out the surrounding sound.
Bronze Gate HardwareOur bronze gate hardware is made from solid bronzed and perfectly aged to give that antique look. This hardware is sturdy and attractive.


Sliding Door HandlesWe have a wide selection or door handles that accent our hardware beautifully.
Door PullsWe have a wide selection of door pulls that accent our hardware beautifully.
Bottom GuideOur bottom guides will keep your sliding doors from swinging in and out as they slide.
Threshold | Weatherstripping Thresholds and weatherstripping to seal of swinging and sliding doors from air, weather, and sound.
LatchesOur latches are heavy duty and will keep any door closed.
HingesWe have a variety of hinges for doors and gates, interior and exterior. All of which are sturdy and attractive.
Locking StillettosOur locking Stiletto handle incorporates a locking mechanism which is a great solution for locking doors that swing and slide.
Lever and KnobsOur selection of high-end levers and knobs will class up any door.
Electronic Code LeverThe Electronic Code Lever is perfect for the home or office. No wiring required.

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